The Branch Committee members are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as required and meet every month in order to discuss Branch issues and organise events. Branch members can be subordinated onto the main committee to assist as and when required. Each year the Branch is directed to hold an AGM which must take place betwen the 1st October and the 30th November each year.

president vice_president
President Vice-President

Air Chief Marshall, Sir Michael Graydon GCB, CBE, ADC

Sabri (Steve) Abit Musino─člu

chairman vice_chairman secretary treasurer
Chairman Vice-Chairman Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer

Major (Retd.) Brian Thomas BEM



Les Evans



Pamela Padden

Tel:+90533 8736876

Lillian White

Tel:+90533 8319841

members woman poppy welfare
Membership Secretary Events Secretary Poppy Appeals Officer Welfare Officer

Annie Mockridge

Tel:+90533 8778572

Post left Vacant



Adele Thomas

Tel:+90533 8644328

Anne Lloyd

Tel:+90533 8418306

veterans property jenny webmaster
Cyprus Veterans Property Member Poppy Shop Manager Webmaster

Kutlay (Jimmy) Keco

Tel:+90542 8550999


Flt Lt (Retd.) Mike Burgess

Tel:+90533 83689476

Jenny Tyler

Tel: +90533 8761483

John Wenborn

Tel: N/A

derbyshire  standard_1 standard_2
Communications (bulk emails) Standard Bearer Standard Bearer

Martin Derbyshire

Kim Tyler

Michael Bone