Health Insurance

What is it?

Health insurance against the risk of incurring medical expense. This is obviously very important here in the TRNC as we no longer have the luxury of the NHS and costs here can be extremely expensive.

Why do we need it?

The importance of health  insurance covers those unpredictable moments in life. It is the guarantee of being seen when ill and to have that medical treatment which may not be affordable otherwise.

Please note:

You are not entitled to the free TRNC healthcare, unless you are a TRNC citizen.

The NHS provision in the UK may not entitle you or your loved ones to free health care and it is considered wise to seek counsel in order to ascertain exactly what you are entitled to. When you choose to leave the UK and come to live in Northern Cyprus, you accepted that the NHS is no longer responsible for your healthcare, other than as a visiting EU citizen, i.e. A & E care only. In Northern Cyprus, as non-citizens, the onus is upon the individual to pay for all health matters on a private basis - the costs of which can be very high.

You should also consider that even if you are entitled to NHS treatment in the UK or an EU country, will you be well enough to be allowed onto the aircraft to fly back to the UK or even travel by road to southern Cyprus for treatment?

Common sense dictates that we should make adequate healthcare provision for ourselves and our loved ones. There are a number of companies offering good and affordable private medical insurance schemes, that provide you with the peace of mind that should medical treatment be necessary, it will be provided.

Health insurance costs are dependent on the extent of coverage required and the age of the insured, the older one gets and the greater coverage and the higher insurance premium! We all understand the need to ensure our homes and our vehicles and we are also aware of the necessity for regular maintenance, there is a similar requirement for our healthcare.

Why choose Esta?

Esta is one of the most comprehensive insurance agencies in North Cyprus, committed to finding you the right insurance product at the best price and dedicated to saving you time and money. Esta offers a range of low cost Health Insurance and Personal Accident plans to suit your needs. With Esta you get high quality coverage, sensible advice and a helping hand. When you face difficult situations, you need help and support immediately. Esta provides fair, equitable and friendly service. Contact us to get more information and find out which products may be suitable for you.

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