Motor Vehicle Insurance

What is Third Party Liability Motor Insurance?

Motor third-party insurance liability cover, is a statutory requirement here in the TRNC. It is referred to as a 'third-party'cover since the beneficiary of the policy is someone other than the two parties involved in the contract (the car owner and the insurance company). The policy does not provide any benefit to the insured. However, it covers the insured's legal liability for death/disability of third-party and loss or damage to third-party vehicle.

If you do not have a Third Party Liability Car Insurance you are driving illegally!

What is Fully Comprehensive Motor Insurance?

Fully comprehensive car insurance means that you and your vehicle are insured for the specific covers selected. It is advisable to take this option with as much coverage as possible. It will save you money if the unexpected does happen. All losses due to flood, hail and storm, earthquake, fire, theft and accident are automatically included in the coverage of fully comprehensive polices.

Optional Covers:

  • South Cyprus and Turkey Cover
  • 24 Hour Emergency Help Line
  • Tow truck Service 24/7
  • Courtesy car
  • Personal Accident

Why choose Esta?

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